Your child is welcome to attend Treetops from 3 years old. For the current session price, registration fee, or to book a viewing appointment, please call Kim or Anna on 01322 271624.

We recommend that you come and visit us to see if this is the group for your child, and also to meet the staff and see examples of the work we do.

To apply for a place at Treetops for your child, you can download an application form to print out and then return the completed form to us.

Please note that session fees still apply to all absences due to ill health or holidays taken during term time.

Potty Training

We don't mind if your child is not yet potty trained - we can even help you through it! Just bring a bag of spare clothes - including socks!


Payments for the sessions can be made weekly, monthly or half-termly. We accept childcare vouchers.

Special Educational Needs

We make every effort to ensure that each child is able to access our curriculum and we differentiate our teaching accordingly. We like to have a close relationship with parents in order to maximise the child's potential and facilitate their development.

Useful Websites

Don't forget these are here to help you:

Local children's centre will have information on childcare & help that may be useful.

Health Visitors will be able to answer any child related questions you may have.

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