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There are a lot of girls hair extensions made with some human hair extensions. If you have a lot of clip in hair extensions on your hands, you can become a beautiful woman. Now let's learn how this wig is. Take it to your head and see if you can bring these remy hair extensions to the bangs.

Dance and Music

This class takes place once a week during the afternoons.

The children listen to different types of music from classical through to cultural music from all countries. Through music we tell children stories; some we make up, and others are traditional tales from the country of the music they are listening to.

The children then make costumes or props so that they can act out and dance the story and become the characters. This enables the children to improve their co-ordination and balance, and helps them to understand the concepts of rhythm and pulse through making their movements express the beat of the music. It also develops concentration and listening skills and their understanding of the world and cultures around them.