Montessori Teaching

We teach using the Montessori method. The Montessori method of teaching was devised by Dr. Maria Montessori, and is now recognised worldwide as a standard of excellence. The children learn reading, writing, arithmetic, language and science through using specially designed equipment. They learn through touching and experimenting as well as through being told. We have found that the children naturally find the equipment very interesting and usually prefer it to the usual toys. The Montessori classroom is a structured environment, but its main aim is to help your child become much more independent. The structure and order is not overbearing, it is needed to help your child feel safe and secure – only then can they become confident, calmer and achieve independence.

We are highly qualified and skilled professionals; we treat every child as an individual and are able to give each of them one to one attention because of the small class sizes.

Children feel secure in this homely environment and soon become confident and self assured individuals. All children are welcome here regardless of any problems they may have.

At Treetops we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with parents. We respect the diversity and cultures within our group and welcome practical help (such as offering of traditional clothes to add to our dressing up box), suggestions for artwork, objects for our nature table, or telling traditional stories from your culture. We like to work with the parents and always welcome information on the child; this gives the key worker a more holistic picture of the child. We also welcome feedback on Treetops itself: how can we improve things for you and your child?

Each child is taught as an individual. This means that we are dedicated to spending time understanding each child - his interests, abilities, areas for improvement, language and social skills - and they have been highly trained in providing appropriate activities and opportunities for development so each child is able to reach as high a level as possible by the time he goes to school.

Children will learn from both the indoor and the outdoor environments.

We encourage them to think, share, learn from their mistakes, play and explore. The activities will sometimes be adult-led or child-initiated and led.

In the classroom, the children have access to a wide range of equipment which changes on a weekly and termly basis so there is always something new to explore and stimulate interest.

In the Treetops garden we have lots of toys - scooters, a playhouse, bats and balls etc. We also have some more unusual equipment. We have been trained in the forest school philosophy providing open-ended activities such as strong sticks long enough to make dens with, fabrics, feathers, logs and stepping stones, tubes large enough to roll balls, water or pine cones down, and special stands to hold them in position.

The children enjoy nature study, and regularly hunt around the garden collecting things - leaves, bugs, flowers, twigs, and photographing things to use for artwork, displays or still-life drawings. This work is essential for developing the children's understanding of complex concepts including biodiversity - the plants and animals that live around us, and general knowledge of how to care for, observe and protect our space.

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