Our Rooms

Treetops Preschool has two main rooms, called Frog and Duck. Both rooms work together to provide the children with a range of interesting activities in a stimulating environment. Our classes are small to enable us to get to know children and their families.

These two rooms have very different equipment, so during the Montessori classes the children change rooms as a group, half way through each session, so they can get the best out of each room.

The Duck Room

The Duck Room is home to the Montessori activities and equipment, as well as lots of puzzles and games, which present new concepts to the child in a very simple, clear way. This is essential for allowing the child to work through problem solving activities independently, and gives the child time and space to be sure of their own understanding.

For example; when teaching colour recognition, we begin with the child's favourite and add just one other, adding more colours each session as the child's knowledge and confidence grows.

The Frog Room

The Frog Room focuses on Art, Design, and Co-operative Play. The children make props for games or projects that they are working on. For example if the theme is 'Farms' the children would have a discussion led by the teachers in which they talk about farms, look at pictures, look at our farm animals, then decide together or in small groups the artwork they would like to do. This is a child-led approach which develops language skills, manipulation of materials, co-operation, thinking skills and general knowledge of the themes covered.

The rooms were named after the specially made chairs in each one!

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