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Welcome to Treetops Preschool

Treetops is situated in Dartford, Kent. We accept children aged 3 - 5 years. We have two beautiful rooms set in a landscaped garden. It is a tranquil, idyllic setting in which to grow up and learn. Children and staff all enjoy learning and teaching in such a calm environment.

The rooms have been designed to be calm and uncluttered. The toys and equipment are of excellent quality; they are all regularly cleaned and checked, and are arranged in an ordered and accessible way.

Our aims at Treetops are:

  • To boost a child's confidence and self esteem through achievement of appropriately graded tasks
  • To make learning fun
  • To help a child be ready for school
  • To provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment
  • To improve a child's ability to concentrate
  • To develop a child's potential


  • 2 Montessori teachers
  • 1 Colourstrings (music) teacher

Treetops Preschool has been recognised as an "Outstanding" provider of services to children by Ofsted.

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